LEO New Zealand Limited

Experimental Vehicle
A design exercise to test an unusual configuration and experiment with construction materials. Built using carbon fibre, glass fibre , woven aramid, aluminium, and timber. Has flown two test flights, reaching a speed of Mach 1.2 and setting a NZ altitude record for its class.
Current Research Vehicle
Designed as a development platform for testing launch systems, staging systems, active and passive recovery systems, and active flight stability systems. Has flown several low altitude systems tests.
Specifications: 3.3 meters long, 129mm O.D., GRP construction. Can be flown Dual stage, Single stage or Stage coupled. Powered by a variety of commercial solid propellant and hybrid propellant engines.
Micro Bi-Hybrid Engine
Based on the original hybrid design of Rene Caldera this miniature (24mm Dia) bi-hybrid engine  features a two phase operating cycle. Phase one is the burn of a C-6 black powder motor contained in the housing. At burnout, nitrous oxide is released from the disposable cylinder at the forward end. This starts a second thrust phase using the cardboard tube of the C motor as fuel and its nozzle to generate thrust. Flown several times in ultralight airframes.
New Zealand Schools Education Program
Based on several overseas programs a cohesive set of challenges is currently being developed for New Zealand high schools.

Sponsorship and funding are needed to make this a consistent, continuous and rewarding program.
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